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Updated 5-30-17
Baldwin Acrosonic Piano
This Acrosonic Piano is in good condition!. Great for a student pianist. You move it. If you need help moving it, contact Blewett Music Studio. It can be moved for as little as $150. Asking $300 obo.

Piano Brand: Baldwin Acrosonic
Action Type: Spinet
Serial Number: 845637
Manufacture Date: 1967

Tuner's notes: This piano has had a mouse, but no apparent damage. Cleaning, removing action and keys for cleaning, and do a more detailed inspection would be prudent ($125 estimated labor if done by Blewett Music Studio), and tuning needed ($85).  Total potential initial investment: $510.

Free Baldwin Piano (listed 6/3/15) 

Piano Brand: Baldwin
Action Type: Console
Serial Number: 576105
Manufacture Date: 1955

Tuner's notes: Has had mice inside piano. Will need new bridle straps ($15), removing of action and keys for cleaning, has three black keys that need to be recovered in the bass ($5), one hammer to be re-glued, and action regulated. Work if completed by Blewett Music Studio: 5 hours labor at $25/hour. Tuning fee $85. Total potential investment (including $150 moving fee): $380.  

Wurlizter C143 Grand - (New Listing 9/29/15)

Piano Brand: Wurlizter
Action Type: Grand
Serial Number: 77001
Manufacture Date: c. 1999

Technician's Notes: Wow! This piano is a find! To truly appreciate this piano, you must see this piano in person. This piano is a very well maintained polished ivory (pearl white) C143 (4' 7"). The technician who maintained this piano has done an excellent job, not only in the regulation and tuning of this piano, but also the education of the owner. This piano's sound board has been even regularly dusted! No problems or issues can be found. Price $5900 (negotiable some). Buyer responsible for moving (approx. $350 if Blewett Music Studio coordinates the move and it is fairly local.)