Blewett Music Studio

Amy Blewett began teaching Suzuki Violin in 2000. She has since expanded her program to piano, recorder, and other strings. Amy has been playing piano since the age of 7 and violin since the age of 9. She studied string and woodwind pedagogy at the University of Evansville, Indiana, and studied with Suzuki Teacher-Trainer Carol Dallinger. Amy is a member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas and hopes to continue beyond her Unit 1A and 1B certification.

Students of the Blewett Music Studio take weekly private lessons, usually half an hour long. String students attend two group lessons per month. These are held on the second and third Fridays of each month. Piano students attend the group lesson on the third Friday of the month. These Friday evening lesson times are also when regular recitals and events are scheduled. Students are expected to attend all group lessons and performances. Parents should observe lessons and are expected to assist with home practice. Parents are "home teachers" and are expected to become familiar with the Suzuki Method and the instrument.

Please be sure that you fully understand and accept the philosophy and application of the method before committing to lessons. Be certain that you understand the responsibilities and are willing and able to carry them through. This is a long term commitment and the responsibility for the child's success is in large part the parent's. Please be certain you are willing to give a 100% effort.

I. Student responsibilities

A. Cooperate during practice and lessons

B. Wash hands, trim nails, get a drink, go to the bathroom before daily practice and lesson

C. Treat parents and teachers with respect

D. Listen to recording daily

II. Parent responsibilities

A. Pay promptly and in full for all lessons

B. Attend all classes outlined in the program

C. Maintain the instrument in good condition at all times

D. Do not interfere with the lesson, but take notes or record each lesson as directed by the teacher

E. Organize home practice and set daily time aside for that purpose

F. Follow through on all assignments given by the teacher, including practicing the instrument, overseeing specific assignments with the student, etc.

G. Play the recordings daily

III. Teacher responsibilities

A. Be qualified to teach any materials the student receives

B. Be very specific with assignments and expectations for the week

C. Give practice ideas and support to the student and to the parent for each assignment given

D. Make a commitment to continue her education on a regular basis

E. Provide ample opportunities for solos and performances

F. Teach all lessons at the appointed time except for reasons of illness or family emergency